17 Hathorne Point Road | PO Box 110 Cushing , ME 04563
Welcome to the Official Website of the Cushing Historical Society! Thank you for taking time to find us and the many things we have to offer here.

While our small town of Cushing is known to the wider public as the Maine home of Andrew Wyeth and the location of the Olson House he made famous in his paintings, most notably "Christina's World", those who visit soon delight in the magnificent natural beauty of this coastal area and are welcomed by its friendly residents.

The Cushing Historical Society plays a vital role in its community, not only by pursuing its mission of historic preservation, but by providing opportunities for neighbors and friends to gather and enjoy others' company at widely varied program events, art exhibits, and community wide celebrations.

Please visit often to see what is new and exciting and as always see our Program Schedule for upcoming events...

2016 Board of Directors
Marie Sprague, President - (207)701-1588
Eric Anderson, Vice President - (207)542-7596
Karin Weisert, Treasurer
Micki Day, Secretary

Allison Brown - 354-0838
Beverly DalPozzal - 593-8799
Deborah Kraft - 354-4141
Douglas Hartley - 354-0439
Tee Neville - 354-0448
Past President - Eric Anderson

Living History!
Congratulations to the Fales Family for 182 Years of Service to the Community...

Appointed Society Leaders

Standing Positions

Historian - Ann Guild
Archivist - Marie Sprague
Genealogist - Marie Sprague
Membership - Karin Weisert

Committee Chairpersons

Buildings & Grounds -
Eric Anderson, (207)-542-7596

Old South Church -
Eric Anderson, (207)-542-7596)

CHS Publicity -
Bev DalPozzal - 593-8799

Hospitality -
Tee Neville 354-0448, Deb O’Leary

Arts in the Barn -
Paige Offen - (207) 542-3805
The Cushing Historical Society is a registered 501c(3) non-profit institution with the United States
Internal Revenue Service. All donations are tax deductible in accordance with the law.