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The Society has mapped and catalogued the ancient cemeteries of the town, and assists the Town Cemetery Board by maintaining a current list of burials, which is posted on the internet. In 2003 and 2004 it administered two financial grants for restoration of the eight oldest of the 23 cemeteries and burial sites.

The Society has also put a lot of effort into indexing and cataloging historic documents, books, and photopraphs. Use the links below to access and navigate all indexes and catalogues currently maintained by the Society.

The Cushing Historical Society's books are currently housed at the Cushing Public Library. Please visit or phone (207) 354-8860.

This slideshow of photographs was assembled by Society Members and the Archive from personal collections in the 1970's. The hard copies were photographed and digitized by Member George Hoyt in 2009. To access the complete archive with captions (Names, Places, Dates, etc.) Click Here or go to the Town of Cushing website.

Alphabetical Burial Index

Cemetery List and Burials by Cemetery Document, book and photo archives are catalogued in loose leaf form. The indexes are available in the Cushing Library and in the Historical Society meeting house.

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Index of Photographs
Old Times In Cushing Maine